Baby Mutation Buffon Macaw Parrots For Sale


Baby Mutation Buffon Macaw Parrots For Sale

Age : 1 Year Old

Banded: Yes

DNA Sex: Males & Females

Vaccination : Complete 1 Year

They are well raised and socialized.

They come with;
*DNA test
*CITES certificate
*Current veterinary certificate
*Health certificate
*Hatching Certificate
*Care Sheet/Fact Sheet
*Diet Sheet

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Mutation Buffon Macaw is still considered “pure” birds. They occur in nature, although rarely and if they do, they often don’t survive long if the “new color” is too vibrant and they are easily visible by predators.

Mutation Buffon Macaw in captivity is perpetuated by breeding like-colored birds to like-colored birds (of two birds that carry the color gene). The resultant offspring will often be the color that is desired.

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